Vegetarian Menu

Select from our list of vegetarian menu. 
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1. Atakilt Wot
Delicious curried vegetable stew
 made with carrots, potatoes, cabbage,
peppers and onions


2. Greek Salad
Greek Salad


3. Vegi Combo
Vegetarian Combo - Yemisir wot
Fosolia, Atakilt Wot, Shuro wot and
house salad

4. Fish & Salad
Fish and salad


5. Shuro Wot
Highly-seasoned chick pea (powder)
in berebere sauce


6. Yater Kik Wot
Steamed peas with onions
garlic and ginger

7. Combination Platter for Two
Yemisir wot, Fosilia, Atakilt Wot,lt Wot,
SShiro Wot and Salad


8. Vegie Combo with Rice
Vegetables and rice