Main Menu & Lunch Menu

 Select from our list of lunch & main menu with beef and lamb combinations.                               
 Prices do not include applicable taxes.

2. Zilzil Tibbs
Srips of tender beef sauteed with
home made awaze, peppers,
onion and herbs



3. Chicken (Doro) Wote (Special)
Tender chicken leg or thigh marinated in lemon,
sautéed in seasoned butter and stewed in red
pepper sauce

4. Chicken (Doro) Tibbs
Chicken pieces blended with herbed
Oil and spices.


5. Doro Firfir
Pieces of Injera simmered with butter
and Pepper topped with yogurt.

6. Misto
Combination of lean beef with
mild spices, and sauce

7. Alicha Wot
Choice lean beef cooked
in a mild sauce


8. BlueNile Combo (for 2)
Yemisir wot, Fosilia, Atakilt Wot,
Shiro Wot, Chicken, Beef, Stew and Salad


9. BlueNile Combo for 1
Beef, Chicken and
Vegie Combination

10. Bozena Shiro a Shiro
Highly seasoned milled chick peas
simmered In berbere sauce with
selected cubes of lean Beef


11. Chacha
Zizzled beef served hot


12. Cornis
Combination of Tibs, Kitfo, Kenchi,
Ayeb and collard green served
with injera

13. Gomen Besiga
Cooked lamb with collar green, herbed
butter, garlic, ginger, onions
and green pepper


14. Gored Gored
Cubed meat smothered
with awaize and nitir kebe


15. Kikel
Light beef stew seasoned with awazie
and tossed in injera

16. Normal Kitfo
Freshly minced, lean ground beef, served
with goman (kale) & home made cheese

17. Kitfo Dulet
Minced beef seasoned with our herb butter, mitmita, cottage cheese, onion, green & red pepper, and served with collared greens


18. Kitfo Special
Minced beef seasoned with our herbal
butter, mitmita, cottage cheese, and
served with collared greens

19. Kurt
Selected lean raw beef served with
awaze and mitmita
(Ethiopian tartar)


20. Minchet Abish
Hot and spicy ground beef stew in a
berbere sauce & purified herb butter
with east African spices


21. Quanta Firfir
Strips of sun dried meat sauteed
with onion, garlic and butter.

22. Shefinfin


23. Tibbs
Sauteed with spiced butter, garlic
green pepper and served with injera


24. Tibbs Wot
Tibbs wot.

25. Dulet
Chopped red meat, tripe, & liver seasoned
with herbed purified butter, spiced chili
powder (mitmita). Served raw, mild
or well done


26. Ye'Beg Alicha
Succulent lamb meat cooked with
a mild sauce


27. Ye'Beg Tibbs
Cubes of tenderloin lamb meat sauteed
with butter, onion and spices


28. Wings
Chicken wings with hot sause or
choice of sause
(12 Pieces)


29. Half and Half
Served with Injera or rice
Chicken and Beef


30. Keye Wot
Spiced lean beef stew


31. 1 Injera
1 Extra rolled Injera


32. 1 Bread
1 Extra Bread


33. 1 Egg
1 Extra boiled egg

34. 1 Beef
1 Extra Beef



35. 1 Rice
1 Extra bowl rice